The legend of Saint-Tropez

An international gem in tourism terms, Saint-Tropez has made its mark on the famous Côte d'Azur: back in 1950, the Parisian artistic and intellectual world, attracted by the beauty of the tiny port, began to descend on "Saint-Trop": the legend was born.

With the arrival of Brigitte Bardot in the 60s, the legend increased in status. Since then, Saint-Tropez has become the favoured destination of the whole of Parisian society and the international elite; several private parties are held there every evening in the luxurious villas of the Gulf, with some guests even arriving by helicopter.

On café terraces, visitors are keen to see and be seen, in the port, aboard gigantic yachts where there is great rivalry with regard to their size, their crews and the amazing creatures that can be seen aboard them.

The Place aux Herbes offers fruit, flowers, vegetables and fish freshly caught by "Pescadous".

The legend of Saint-Tropez

The legend of Saint-Tropez tells that the Christian centurion Torpès, decapitated by order of Nero, was placed in a boat and delivered to the boats with a rooster and a dog, which should have devoured him, yet left his body intact.

The boat is then said to have gone along the coast to the exact place where, by rearranging the name Torpès, the village of Saint-Tropez emerged.