Aéroport du Golfe de St Tropez (« AGST ») provides ground handling services (in the sense of EU regulations) to its users at Saint-Tropez La Mole Airport (“Airport”), as defined and listed in on Airport’s website (

These ground handling services are deemed to be supplied in accordance with the simplified procedure (Appendix B) of the Standard Ground Handling Agreement as published by the International Air Transport Association (the “SGHA 2013”).

By requesting and / or accepting ground handling services provided by AGST at the Airport, users and customers acknowledge and confirm that :

  • they accept the SGHA 2013 as services contractual framework, including the terms of the Main Agreement main and Annex A as if these terms were included in this brochure in full;
  • they know and accept the quality practices and measures applied by AGST at the Airport and the types of services provided (AGST does not undertake in any case to apply the specific quality standards set out in article 5.12 of the SGHA 2013 );
  • AGST may at any time freely subcontract all or part of the ground handling services, but remain fully responsible for the execution of the services by its subcontractors,
  • AGST can under no circumstances be held liable for indirect damages suffered by users / customers;
  • Unless specifically agreed with AGST, Ground handling services must be paid immediately by the user before any aircraft owned or under its management leave the Airport,
  • In case of conflict between the SGHA 2013 and the present terms, the present terms shall prevail