A.I.P. (Aeronautical Information Publication)

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a) Use in general aviation :

The captain must :

- during the previous 2 months, have been on a reconnaissance flight around the site, acting as the pilot at the controls and accompanied by an instructor approved for this purpose by the Director of South-East Civil Aviation (*), which will have acknowledged them as suitable following the reconnaissance flight and will have logged their suitability in the logbook;

- or hold the aircraft mountain qualification;

- or have used the aerodrome as a pilot at the controls in the last 24 months.

The trainee, trained on site by an organisation based there and having received special dispensation from the territorial delegation, may be authorised by their instructor, under their responsibility, to use the aerodrome when flying solo.

(*) On request, the Côte d'Azur territorial delegation will supply the list of instructors approved for reconnaissance flights on the site.

b) Use in public transport:

The captain must:

- during the previous 2 months, under the supervision of an instructor whose employer can certify that they are familiar with the specifications of the aerodrome, have been on a reconnaissance flight around the site implementing all of the usage procedures specified by the operator for the type of aircraft concerned;

- or, for use of light aircraft only, hold an aircraft mountain qualification;

- or, in the last 12 months, have flown into the aerodrome as the captain at the controls of the type of aircraft used;

- and, for the use of heavy aircraft, have undergone training outside the route defined by the operator especially focussing on studying maps, trajectories, obstacles in operational gaps and around the aerodrome, the aerological specifications and normal and downgraded performances of the aircraft.