Le village de La Mole


This tiny community is located at the confluence of the two valleys into which the Mole and the Verne flow.

It was already inhabited in Roman times and a number of ruins of brick tombs and the constructions dating back to this era have been found there. After they left, a village was built on the Sainte Madeleine (or Magdeleine) hillside. A charter from 1008 mentions « Ad molam », derived from the making of milestones by hand (mola manuaria). There is also mention of « Castrum de mola » and « Mola » dating back to 1079. At the time, the Lordship depended on the Abbey of Saint Victor in Marseille.

Anecdote : In 1308, after 48 fires, the village was rebuilt on the plain. In the 17th century, the Lordship belonged to the Suffren family. In 1728, there were seven family leaders in La Mole. In 1851, the population of the village was 404; nowadays, 800 people live there.

Le village de La Mole Centre du village
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